Typhus Commission Medal (attributed to Capt Raymond E. Bellamy)

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Country: United States
Condition: VF

Typhus Commission Medal, slot brooch, unnamed as issued, in its original titled black leatherette case with ribbon bar. Attributed to Captain Raymond E. Bellamy, Sanitary Corps, through original letters from the family sending this medal to a collector in 1989. Captain Bellamy worked with the Rockefeller Foundation in testing various ways to deal with lice-borne diseases in Algeria and Egypt before moving to southern Italy, where a typhus outbreak was engulfing the area.

War Department General Order No. 1 (1 January 1946) contains the citation: “Captain Raymond E. Bellamy, O446243, Sanitary Corps, Army of the United States, rendered meritorious service in connection with the work of the United States of America Typhus Commission during the outbreak of epidemic typhus at Naples and in southern Italy during the winter 1943-44. Captain Bellamy organized and administered a special delousing service. By the very thorough manner in which this service operated under his direction, louse infestation of the population was decreased and the risk of the spread of the disease was reduced. His accomplishments contributed greatly to the success of the typhus control program in southern Italy.”

Only 250 Typhus Commission medals were made for a one-time acquisition. Of these, 165 were made for the Army and 85 for the Navy, the only difference being the height of the ribbon bar. The Typhus Commission, which had been established in 1943, was dissolved in 1946 and no further awards were made.