Jeffrey Floyd's Military Medals

Jeffrey Floyd, founder of Floyd Medals, has been collecting military medals since he was a teenager. He is a 50+ year member of OMSA (the Orders and Medals Society of America), and has served in various leadership positions in that society, including president and director. He is also a long-term member of the Orders and Medals Research Society (UK) and the Military Collectors’ Club of Canada. Previously, he was a founding partner of FJP Auctions, the only auction house in the United States that specialized in orders, decorations and medals.

Jeffrey Floyd is also the author of “The Air Force Cross: A History of Extraordinary Heroism”, “Membership and National Encampment Badges of the Grand Army of the Republic, 1866-1949″ and over 20 articles and monographs in the field. He is a consultant to the Encyclopedia Americana on military awards.

A US Air Force veteran with an extensive library, he has developed a broad-ranging knowledge of military awards from around the world.

Watch for Jeffrey Floyd at military shows along the East Coast and the Midwest.
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From the Civil War through Afghanistan, medals tell the story of American service and sacrifice.

From the “Glorious First of June” in 1794 through the World Wars to Afghanistan, medals illustrate the history of the British Empire.

From Aachen to Zanzibar, medals tell the stories of national triumphs and tragedies.