Soldier’s Medal (Captain Norman N. Gross)

Product ID: A-0158
Country: United States
Condition: VF

Soldier’s Medal, slot brooch, hand-engraved in script “Captain/Norman N. Gross/O391529”. In a titled black leatherette case.

Captain Gross served in the 483rd Field Artillery Battalion (later designated the 483rd Chemical Mortar Battalion). The award of the Soldier’s Medal is believed to be for his actions during a grenade training accident at Fort Hood, Texas. Gross, who had prior enlisted service in the 105th Field Artillery Battalion, New York National Guard, retained a reserve commission after the war and retired from the reserves in June 1960 as a lieutenant colonel. In civilian life, he had been a noted educator in Rochester, New York. Gross died 10 October 1913 and is buried in Florida.