Portugal. Army Campaign Medal 1916, “Batalha de la Lys/9-IV-1918”

Product ID: B-3459
Country: Portugal
Condition: VF

Portugal. Army Campaign Medal 1916, bronze, with silver bar “Batalha de la Lys/9-IV-1918″.

The Battle of the Lys was the pivotal action for the Portuguese Army in World War I. In April 1918, after being depleted by the lack of reinforcements, the Portuguese were to be pulled out of the line and moved to reserve positions. On the morning of 9 April, after an intense artillery and gas bombardment, the Germans struck across a narrow front with four divisions, causing the Portuguese lines to break. The blame for the debacle was pinned on the Portuguese by the British, although the lack of communications by the British certainly contributed. The Germans took over 6000 Portuguese prisoners in the action.