Pair to Brig Gen D. Jack Foster, Illinois National Guard

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Country: United States
Condition: VF

Pair to Brigadier General D. Jack Foster, Illinois National Guard: Puerto Rico Occupation Medal, numbered “M.No.762″; Mexican Border Service Medal, numbered “17691″ (D.J. Foster, Chicago).

Brigadier General D. Jack Foster was born in Princeton, Illinois in 1859.He joined the 6th Illinois Infantry in 1877 and was commissioned the following year. He rose to command the regiment in 1893, and led it through its service in Puerto Rico. In 1903, he was promoted to brigadier general, commanding two brigades. In 1916-1917, he led the 1st Infantry Brigade on the Mexican Border. He was in command of the 66th Infantry Brigade when World War I broke out, but failed his physical and could not lead it to France. Gen Foster retired in January 1918 and died in 1948.