Pair to Admiral Thomas B. Howard, US Navy

Product ID: B-5581
Country: United States
Condition: VF

Pair to Admiral Thomas B. Howard, US Navy: Spanish Campaign Medal, Navy, numbered “1608”; Philippine Campaign Medal, Navy, numbered “621”. Bar-mounted for wear (The Spanish Campaign has been reribboned; the Philippine Campaign is heavily worn).

Both medals are confirmed on the rolls to then-Captain Howard.  Howard received an appointment to the Naval Academy from President Ulysses S. Grant, a family friend. Graduating in 1873, Howard went on to serve aboard USS Concord at Manila Bay. He commanded several battleships and, as captain of USS Ohio, he sailed as part of the Great White Fleet in 1908-09. In 1914, Howard was made commander-in-chief of the US Pacific Fleet. In 1915, he was advanced to the temporary rank of Admiral, only the fifth man to hold that rank in the Navy. Admiral Howard retired in 1916 and died in 1920.