Pair of SAR WWI Service Medals, Moyer

Product ID: A-1621
Country: United States
Condition: VF

Pair of Sons of the American Revolution World War I Service Medals to Nevin W. Moyer: SAR World War I Service Medal, wrap brooch, hand-engraved “Nevin W. Moyer”; Another, with an applied brooch, hand-engraved “N.W. Moyer”, on a three-ring suspension. Light wear.

Nevin Wilberforce Moyer (1876-1950) was a teacher and historian in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, and published several books and articles on local history. He served in Troop C (“Governor’s Troop”), 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry, for service on the Mexican Border, receiving Pennsylvania Mexican Border Service Medal “4820” and federal Mexican Border Service Medal “15249” (locations unknown). In World War I, he served in the 108th Field Artillery, 28th Division.