New York. 23rd Regiment Team Badge (W.A. Stokes)

Product ID: B-7448
Country: United States
Condition: VF

New York. 23rd Regiment Team Badge, with top bar “Creedmoor” and bars “1885”, “1886”, “1887”, “1888”, “1889”, “1890”, “1891”, “1892”, “1893” and “1894”. Engraved on the reverse “23rd/Regt Team/W.A. Stokes/NGSNY”. Marked “Richd Oliver & Bloomfield”.

Colonel William Arthur Stokes joined the regiment as a private in 1880, was commissioned in 1890 and rose to colonel in 1904. He retired in June 1909 and was given a brevet to brigadier general. General Stokes died in June 1923.