Military Medal group (Nk Sadiq, 8th Punjabis)

Product ID: A-9108
Country: Great Britain
Condition: Near VF

Immediate Military Medal group of five to Naik Mohd Sadiq, 3/8 Punjab Regiment, for Italy: Military Medal, GVI (19042 Nk Mohd Sadiq Punjab R.) [official correction to the unit]; 1939-45 Star; Italy Star; Defense Medal; War Medal. Bar-mounted for wear. Light edge wear and bruising; ribbons worn and resewn. With copied recommendation approved by Field Marshal Alexander for immediate award.

Sadiq was recommended for actions: “On the night 10/11th Apr 45 A Coy 3/9 Punjab took part in the attack on the strongly held Scolo Tratturno, a canal, just west of the River Senio. As soon as A Coy had secured its objective the enemy counter-attacked on the extreme right flank with approx 10 men in an attempt to destroy a footbridge. The men in the immediate vicinity of the bridge were pushed back so No.19042 Nk Mohd Sadiq commanding the section holding this area together with two other men of his section charged across the bridge firing as they went. This sudden charge upset the enemy plan, one Spandau party thereupon took up a position in a nearly trench and the remainder were cleared from the bridge. To prevent a second attempt to destroy the bridge Nk Mohd Sadiq left the two men to guard it while he alone stalked the enemy Spandau which was by then firing on the bridge area. Having got close to the post he rushed it firing his TSMG and killing the enemy gunner. His ammunition ran out so he threw the two grenades he had with him, thereby killing the second. The two remaining Germans tried to run away but Naik Mohd Sadiq determined to finish the job ran after them and by hitting them with his TSMG induced them to surrender. This Naik’s devotion to duty and courage prevented the enemy from destroying the bridge and prevented them from establishing themselves on A Coy’s right flank from where they would undoubtedly have caused A Coy heavy casualties. His example and complete disregard for his own safety were an inspiration to all ranks.” Naik Sadiq’s Military Medal was announced in the Supplement to the London Gazette of 23 August 1945. Only 20 men of the 8th Punjab Regiment received the Military Medal in World War II.