Korean War DSC (MSgt Charles E. Burns, 21st Infantry)

Product ID: B-3523
Country: United States
Condition: VF

Early Korean War DSC to Master Sergeant Charles E. Burns, 21st Infantry, 24th Division: Distinguished Service Cross, black brooch, privately hand-engraved “Charles E. Burns/ RA42116226” (with buffing over the naming to partially obscure it).

Sergeant Burns received the DSC in Eighth Army GO No. 54 of 6 September 1950: “For extraordinary heroism in action…on July 10, 1950, at Chongji, Korea…Sgt Burns led a squad into enemy-held territory with the mission of laying a minefield across an important road to deny its use by the enemy. On completion of this mission, Sgt Burns advanced alone through intense enemy small arms fire and destroyed an enemy tank with grenades. In this engagement, Sgt Burns was wounded. In spite of the wounds, he refused to be evacuated and remained alone at his post throughout the night.”

This was the eighth DSC award for the Korean War. Sgt Burns was first reported as missing in action and then later declared killed in action on 12 July 1950. With full IDPF data file. Burns was from Essex County, New Jersey. Another DSC to Burns is known in collector’s hands.