King’s South Africa Medal, two clasps (Caduke, 17 Lancers)

Product ID: A-9155
Country: Great Britain
Condition: VF

King’s South Africa Medal, clasps “South Africa 1901” and “South Africa 1902” (5112 Pte F. Caduke, 17th Lancers). With copied service papers.

Private Frederick Caduke enlisted in April 1892 into the 21st Hussars. In 1894, while serving with the 21st Lancers in India, he was tried by General Court Martial for attempting suicide. He was sentenced to 84 days confinement. He qualified for a Queen’s South Africa Medal with clasps “Johannesburg”, “Diamond Hill”, “Belfast”, Cape Colony” and “Orange Free State, as well as this King’s South Africa Medal with two clasps. He was discharged in 1910.