Indian Police Medal, "Distinguished Conduct" (Ghairat Khan, Foot Const, NWFP)

Product ID: B-5314
Country: Great Britain
Condition: VF

Indian Police Medal, GVI, “For Distinguished Conduct” reverse (Ghairat Shah, Foot Constable No.184, N.W.F.P). With copied award documents.

The statement of service for which the award was made reads: F.C. Ghairat Shah commanded one of the flank picquets consisting of levymen, during an encounter lasting two hours, with a gang of dangerous raiders, who had kidnapped Mr. Tallati, Engineer, and two others, were intercepted near Nar Village, Kehat District, on 28-8-1942. Throughout the engagement, his leadership and courage were of the highest order, and played a great part in achieving the death of two of the gang including the notorious raider Mullah Yunas, and the surrender of two others. After the engagement, three .303 rifles, 34 .303 rounds and a government revolver taken by Mullah Yunas from the dead body of Lieutenant Coutts, RIASC, killed in a previous ambush were recovered.”  Between 1937 and 1944, only 473 Indian Police Medals were awarded for gallantry.