Group to Seaman John Mell, US Navy

Product ID: B-3802
Country: United States
Condition: VF
Group of 10 to Seaman John W. Mell, US Navy: Navy Good Conduct Medal, hand-engraved “CSC/No.11803/John W. Mell/USS New Orleans/April/30 1899″, clip-on bars “Southery [11803 July 19, 1911]’, “Kansas [No.11803 July 26, 1915]”, “ and “Recg Ship at Phila, Pa [CSC 11803/July 26, 1919]”; Philippine Campaign Medal, Navy, numbered “2288″, reribboned, no brooch; China Relief Expedition 1900, numbered “1134″, reribboned, no brooch); West Indies Campaign Medal, Navy, numbered “1442″, reribboned, no brooch; Sampson Medal, “USS New Orleans” top bar and “Santiago de Cuba/May 31″ reverse, with bars “Santiago [June 6]”, “Santiago [June 14]” and “Santiago [June 16]”, engraved “John W. Mell, Sea”; Sampson Medal, “USS New Orleans’ top bar and “Santiago de Cuba/July 3″ reverse, with bars “Santiago [June 6]”, “Guantanamo [June 12]”, “Santiago [June 16]”, “Santiago [June 22]”, “Santiago [July 2]”, and “Santiago [July 4]”, privately hand-engraved “John W. Mell, Sea”, ribbon resewn at the brooch, verdigris spot on the obverse; Cuban Pacification Medal, Navy, numbered “356″ and edge-engraved “John W. Mell”, reribboned, no brooch; Mexican Service Medal, Navy, numbered “7143″ (overstamped over “7034″) and edge-engraved “John W. Mell”; World War I Victory Medal, no clasp, no brooch; New York Spanish-American War Service Medal, engraved “John W. Mell” on the reverse, no brooch.
USS Southery was a prison ship at Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Seaman Mell is confirmed on the roll of USS New Orleans for the Sampson Medal and three bars.