Group to Private John Muller, 71st New York Infantry

Product ID: B-3126
Country: United States
Condition: VF

Group to Private John Muller, 71st Infantry, New York National Guard: Spanish Campaign Medal, Army, numbered “No.5355″, on first style ribbon; New York Spanish-American War Service Medal, numbered “757″ on the Dieges & Clust brooch (ribbon separated at the brooch); New York 71st Regiment Long and Faithful Service Medal, numbered “296″ and marked by Dieges & Clust; New York Small Arms Practice Badge, with bars “Marksman/10 Year”, “Sharpshooter/8 Year” and “18-USV-98″, marked by Tiffany & Company; United Spanish War Veterans membership badge, numbered “18472″ on the lower suspension bar, with miniature medal. With an enamelled Fifth Corps badge (chipped).

The 71st Infantry served at Santiago, Cuba, and near San Juan Hill, but had a low reputation, which brought about a post-war court of inquiry. Several officers resigned as a result. Private Muller’s Spanish Campaign Medal is confirmed on the medal roll.