Group of three (Tugday, Somerset Light Infantry)

Product ID: B-2894
Country: Great Britain
Condition: VF

Group of three to Thomas Tugday, Somerset Light Infantry: India General Service Medal 1854, clasp “Burma 1885-7″ (unofficially engraved “36th Brigade 1852 Pte Thomas Tugday, 2nd Som. L.I.); Queen’s South Africa Medal, clasp “Cape Colony” (5306 Pte T. Tugday, Somerset Lt Infy; King’s South Africa Medal, clasps “South Africa 1901″ and “South Africa 1902″ (5306 Pte T. Tugday, Somerset L.I.). Tugday is on the roll for the India General Service Medal and clasp; as well as on the roll for the Queen’s South Africa Medal and clasp.