Group of three, Chaplain Ellis, US Navy

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Country: United States
Condition: VF

Group of three medals to Chaplain (Captain)  Charles V. Ellis, US Navy: World War I Victory Medal, clasp “White Sea”; Dominican Campaign Medal 1916, Navy, numbered “64″, in its original red box of issue;; National Sojourner’s convention badge, with name tag “C.V. Ellis”.

In 1917-1919, Charles V. Ellis was an acting chaplain aboard USS Olympia, which participated in actions in the intervention in North Russia. The 1920 Navy Register shows Chaplain Ellis as a lieutenant junior grade. In 1922-23, he served with the 4th Marines in Santo Domingo. Ellis retired as a captain, Chaplain Corps. Chaplain Ellis (25 Feb 1884-9 Feb 1959) is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.