Germany. Group to Kahl, 405th Artillery

Product ID: A-1846
Country: Germany
Condition: VF

Group to Walter Hans Heinrich Kahl, Field Artillery Regiment 405: Iron Cross 1914, second class, combatant; Hindenburg Cross, with swords (These parade-mounted, with a black felt backing). With a small matching ribbon bar; a matching lapel bow and a matching “bandrollchen”; single overcoat shoulder strap of Field Artillery Regiment 405. With his World War I “militarpass”, with service data and his photo, and his 1937 Wehrpass with his photograph; both in a brown leather wallet. Plus, original documents: award document for the Iron Cross, second class, to Kanonier Walter Kahl (Feb 1917) for service in the static warfare before Riga, Latvia; award document for the Black Wound Badge (Sep 1918) for a wound received in December 1915, when he was hit in the leg by shrapnel but remained with his battery; award document for the Hindenburg Cross (December 1934). With additional research data.