Germany. Documented pair to Prof Dr J. Enderle

Product ID: A-1847
Country: Germany
Condition: VF

Documented pair to Prof. Dr. Josef Enderle: Baden Silver Merit Medal, in silver, on the Military Karl Friedrich Order ribbon, with issue packet (with “Silberne Verdienstmedaille fur Fusilier Josef Enderle” written on it); Hindenburg Cross, with swords. With the pendant of another Baden Silver Merit Medal (in late-war zinc; without a suspension); an M-1914 identity tag “RJR 201/Enderle Jos./10. K./Lands.”, on a braided cord in red/white/black; two three-quarter length photographs of Enderle in Reserve Infantry Regiment 109 uniform (1915). The medals are unmounted. With original documents: Award document for the Baden Silver Merit Medal to Enderle in Reserve Infantry Regiment 201 (15 August 1915); award document for the Hindenburg Cross to Prof. Dr. Enderle in Karlsruhe, 1935; award document for the Wound Badge in Black, dated April 1937; “Bombed Out” card stating that his home in Karlsruhe had been damaged in an air raid, dated 6 November 1944; admission card for a speech by Adolph Hitler in July 1932; a voucher saying the he had been employed in the Economic and Provisions Office in Sinsheim, Baden since February 1945. With additional research.