DSC, “Nguyen Ba Truoc”

Product ID: B-2073
Country: United States
Condition: VF

Distinguished Service Cross, slot brooch, numbered “9304”, machine-engraved “Nguyen/Ba Truoc”.

Colonel Nguyen Ba Truoc was born in Saigon in August 1922 and joined the Vietnamese Army in September 1953. In February 1967, then-Major Truoc received the US Silver Star for actions while a battalion commander, when he directed the defense of his battalion for nearly 12 hours of continuous combat. The Silver Star was awarded in Department of the Army General Orders No. 38 (18 Sep 1967). In 1968, he was provincial chief of Phuoc Tuy Province, headquarters of the Australian Task Force in Vietnam. Truoc later became the chief of staff of the Vietnamese 7th Division. Col Al Gleim’s research only notes three Distinguished Service Cross awards to Vietnamese recipients, and his list did not include Truoc, so further research is necessary.