Canada. R. Canadian Humane Soc Bravery Medal

Product ID: JRE-858
Country: Great Britain
Condition: VF

Canada. Royal Canadian Humane Association Bravery Medal, bronze, engraved “Lorne Kask/Vancouver, BC/May 23, 1965” on the reverse. With a “;Bravery” top bar. In its original leatherette wallet of issue. With a September 1965 letter citation from the Royal Canadian Humane Association.

The award citation reads: “On May 23, 1965, at Terminal Dock, Commissioner Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Yoichi Nakamura, aged 10 years and Norman Nakata, aged 12 years, found a raft and floated it. They both boarded the raft, but when it began to sink both boys jumped into the water. Lorne Kask, aged 14 years, a student and a diabetic, hearing the cries for help, rushed to the scene, entered the water and rescued Yoichi Nakamura. He made several attempts to find Norman Nakata but was unsuccessful. In recognition of his presence of mind and quick action in saving the life of Yoichi Nakamura, the Royal Canadian Humane Association is pleased to award Lorne Kask the Bronze Medal for Bravery.