“Boat Action” Sampson Medal, “USS Amphitrite” (G.R. Stamler, CP)

Product ID: B-3588
Country: United States
Condition: VF

“Boat Action” Sampson Medal, with “USS Amphitrite” top bar and “San Juan, P.R/May 12″ reverse, with bar “Cape San Juan P.R.” (“8 August 1898″), engraved “George Robert Stamler, CP”. Stamler is confirmed on the ship’s roll. Ribbon shows wear.

In the Phase II distribution, men of Amphitrite received the medal with a “San Juan, PR/May 12″ reverse and a bar “Cardenas (July 5)”. In Phase III, the reverse was changed to “Baracoa/July 15″ and a bar “Cape San Juan/August 8″ was authorized for the landing party.