Bataan DSC group (Maj Wood, 57th Inf)

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Country: United States
Condition: VF+

Group of three to Major Paul D. Wood, 57th Infantry, Philippine Scouts: Distinguished Service Cross, on a Robbins black brooch, hand-engraved “Paul D./Wood”; Bronze Star, slot brooch, hand-engraved on a slant “Paul D./Wood”; Purple Heart, slot brooch, hand-engraved “Paul D. Wood”. With copied research.

Major Wood received the Distinguished Service Cross for “extraordinary heroism in action in the Southwest Pacific Area on 12 January 1942. During the gallant defense of Bataan, Philippine Islands, the 3d Battalion, 57th Infantry, Philippine Scouts, was engaged near Mabatang in a desperate struggle to hold off a numerically superior force which had already driven a salient into its main line of resistance. As the battalions reserve company formed to counter-attack, Major Wood, Battalion Executive Officer, voluntarily joined the assault to lend what assistance he could to a unit which had suffered severe officer casualties. Placing himself with the lead elements, he demonstrated the highest qualities of heroic, inspirational, leadership, as with an utter disregard for his personal safety, he reorganized isolated groups and gallantry led them against the enemy. On many occasions he overcame the foe in hand-to-hand encounters, and upon disposing of each adversary, continued forward, constantly rallying and encouraging the men to continue their advance. His exemplary conduct and dauntless determination fired the company with such zeal that the enemy was finally routed and the lines restored. Major Wood was subsequently killed in action, but his heroism remained as an inspiration to those with whom he served and fully upheld the highest traditions of the service.” (US Army Forces, Pacific, General Orders No. 108, 18 March 1946)

Major Wood (USMA ‘33) was killed in action on 7 April 1942 and is commemorated on the Walls of the Missing at the Manila American Cemetery.