WWI Double Silver Star group (Pratt, 103rd Ambulance Co)

Product ID: B-3537
Country: United States
Condition: VF

Group of three to Wagoner James W. Pratt, 103rd Ambulance Company, 26th Division: Silver Star, split brooch, hand-engraved “James W./Pratt”, with a small oak leaf cluster, numbered “10914″, with lapel pin; Purple Heart, split brooch, hand-engraved “James W. Pratt”, numbered “66196″; World War I Victory Medal, clasps “Defensive Sector”, “Aisne-Marne” and “Meuse-Argonne”; Masonic Grand Lodge of Massachusetts Veteran’s Medal for 50 years service, engraved to “James W. Pratt/1917-5-8″, in its original wallet and lapel pin. With copied research.

Wagoner James W. Pratt, 103rd Ambulance Company, was cited “for gallantry in action at Haumont, France, 1 November, 1918, although so seriously wounded in his right shoulder as to render his right arm useless, he succeeded , with the aid of another soldier in bringing his ambulance to the first aid station, under terrific shell fire. He was also cited in GO 120, 26th Division (28 Dec 1918) for “act near Sois d’Haumont, north of Verdun, between October 18th and September 3rd, 1918.” The second award was originally deemed “not warranting any decoration”, this was superseded and both awards were approved on 16 October 1939. Pratt, born 27 January 1894 in Quincy, Massachusetts, was initiated into Artisan Masonic Lodge in 1917 and received the Veteran’s Medal in 1967. He died in September 1978.