Legion of Merit certificate and citation, Major Boev, Red Army

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Legion of Merit, legionnaire, certificate and citation to Major Nicolai Stefanovich Boev, Red Army” the certificate is dated 9 April 1946 and signed by Maj Gen Edward F. Witsell, The Adjutant General, and Robert P. Patterson, Secretary of War. The citation, on White House letterhead and signed by President Harry S. Truman, cites Maj Boev, 121st Corps, for “outstanding services from 5 April to 5 May 1945. By his unswerving devotion to duty, he made superior contributions to the successful advance of the Russian troops in their rapid movement westward which effected a junction with the American forces. By his through insistence that the planned actions of the corps be completely disseminated and by his superior execution of the orders of the corps commander, he materially aided in crushing the enemy within the vise of the Russian and American forces. Major Boev’s outstanding superior service was a direct contribution to the final destruction of the enemy”.