Group of 5, PFC John Seiler, 8th Penn Infantry

Product ID: JND-013
Country: United States
Condition: Near VF

Group of five to PFC John M. Seiler, 8th Pennsylvania Infantry: Mexican Border Service Medal, numbered “26902” (issued to Seiler in March 1921); Pennsylvania General Thomas J. Stewart Medal, Type 1, bronze; Pennsylvania Mexican Border Service Medal, numbered “10501” (ribbon tattered); York Mexican Border Service Medal for Company A, 8th Pennsylvania Infantry (on a heavily worn Pennsylvania Mexican Border Service Medal ribbon); Pennsylvania Marksman Badge, with bar “Marksman 1 Year”, Governor Tener, numbered “3701” and dated “1914” on the edge; pendant only of a Pennsylvania Marksman Badge. With a copied photograph of Seiler in uniform.

PFC Seiler was born in McKees Half Falls in June 1892 and enlisted in York in 1913. After service on the Mexican Border with the 8th Pennsylvania Infantry, he served in France from 18 November 1918 through 17 May 1919 with hospital units.