Argentina. Escudo for Ituzaingo 1827 (Copy)

Product ID: B-0981
Country: Argentina
Condition: VF

Argentina. Escudo for the Victors at Ituzaingo, 1827. Brass oval, with a slight vault, engraved “La Republica A Los Vencedores en Ituzaingo” around the perimeter and “20de Febrero/1827” in the center. Pierced for suspension. Marked “Reproduccion/Sociedad/”La Medalla”/1915” on the reverse.

The Sociedad La Medalla was a group of Argentine historians and medal collectors who reproduced early Argentine campaign awards that were so rare that they were not available to collectors. The battle of Ituzaingo was fought in the “Banda Oriental” region of Brazil. A force of about 6300 Brazilian troops met about 7770 Argentine troops along the Santa Maria River. The battle was a tactical victory for Argentina, but had little effect on the war. However, by an 1828 treaty, the “Banda Oriental” became the nation of Uruguay.